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At ZKare, we enable organizations to run their applications and infrastructure on the cloud at the highest levels of security, availability, efficiency and on-demand scalability. Our demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Office 365, Azure and SharePoint deployments has earned us repeat business from our satisfied Clients.



Our core values include building trust, taking meaningful action, creating best-fit solutions, and keeping ourselves strong so we can keep our clients strong. These values have served us and our clients well for decades. And they will continue to faithfully guide us into the future.



Our mission is to simplify complex ideas into best-fit IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives. And because we love what we do, our clients can trust us to be there for them, now and in the future. We enjoy technology and we’re passionate about it.



Our vision is to help create IT environments for clients in which technology works seamlessly to help people achieve their goals. We’re determined to ensure our clients always get the tools that are best for them, whenever and wherever they need them.

Our collaborative approach

Technique and process are absolutely necessary in order to accomplish what we set out to do, support people and organizations through the use of technology solutions. We also understand the value of relationships and the importance of having a personal experience based on trust and dedication. Through education, guidance, and dedication we intend to demonstrate that by approaching managed service from a humanistic perspective leads to greater achievement and more notable results for your business.

Providing enterprises with cloud based solutions

We analyze your specific business requirements and ensure that our solutions are a best fit for your environment. Our technology solutions instil efficiency in your business processes thereby acting as a catalyst in growth and success!





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Why choose us

Kare strongly believes that – technology when implemented correctly can bring about a significant change in the way businesses work, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and give you an edge over the competition!

Our experts come with years of experience in various technologies and can implement the most innovative solutions using leading Microsoft technologies and leveraging the power of cloud and other technologies.


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Need to automate some of your daunting business processes? Wish to see a radical change in the efficiency and productivity of your business? Talk to us! It’s that easy!


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If your business growth plans include ideas to include technology solutions to grow, thrive and succeed, turn your ideas into reality now!


Technocrats at your service

Our technology consultants are at your service! We work in collaboration with you to understand your business requirements and turn them into sustainable, futuristic solutions!

We prove it everyday

Our technical team works persistently and consistently to ensure that businesses are in sync with the progress in the world of information technology. Our solutions include leveraging the latest trends in technology for business success in this highly competitive market!

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