How EHR Software Affects the US Healthcare Industry

of healthcare providers report that their EHR allows them to deliver better patient care

of physicians say that being able to access records when needed is the biggest benefit of EHR

of EHR users note improved staff efficiency

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Importance of EHR Software in the Healthcare Industry

An EHR software is able to exchange health information electronically and helps healthcare organizations provide higher quality care for patients with disabilities.

Here’s How EHR Software Can Help You

  • Reduced Paperwork

    EHR software streamlines the process of capturing, tracking and managing patient data, severely limiting the use of paper records and successfully reducing staff workload.

  • Enhanced Information Sharing

    EHRs provide the ability to exchange complete health information about a patient with healthcare providers and organizations in real time, leading to a higher quality of care.

  • Participation in EHR Incentive Programs

    Through its EHR incentive programs, the government provides financial incentives to healthcare organizations for the adoption of meaningful use of EHR technology.

Why Your Healthcare Organization or Behavioral Health Non-Profit Needs a Custom EHR Software by ZKare

ZKare provides fully customized and compliant EHR software that is tailored to your requirements so that you provide quality care to your clients and patients with disabilities.

Here’s Why You Need Our Customized EHR Software

  • Microsoft-Powered

    Our cloud-based EHR system uses technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 to make patient health records quickly and easily accessible to clinicians involved in patient care.

  • Highly Scalable

    Our customized EHR software is built on the cloud and is intelligently designed to adjust and update as your non-profit or healthcare organization grows with evolving processes and compliance changes.

  • Centralized Patient Health Data

    Our custom EHR software centralizes patient health data and makes it more accessible and sharable between healthcare providers and appropriate caregivers in care homes and other care settings while assuring privacy and security to patients.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our custom Electronic Health Records (EHR) software easily integrates with other existing systems within the healthcare industry, giving clinicians access to more complete medical records, anytime, anywhere, thus saving time.

  • Compliant to Regulations

    Our custom EHR software is HIPAA-compliant designed to protect information and control access to the centralized patient records. The software also ensures that you adhere to other compliances like HL7 and PACS that regulate the format of data exchange.

  • Inbuilt MU Features

    Our custom EHR software is built on certified EHR technology that meets Meaningful Use criteria to allow you to qualify for incentive payments available under Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs.

Custom EHR Software from ZKare vs. Off-The-Shelf EHR Software

The Difference ZKare’s Custom EHR Software Off-The-Shelf EHR Software
Features Our EHR software has all the important features and functionality that your business needs. You may not need what you are offered in an off-the-shelf EHR software. And what you need may not be offered.
Time Minimal or no training required as the EHR is built to your needs and seamlessly integrates with other systems in the organization. Requires a lot of training to get the staff proficient to use the software. Thus, it needs a huge investment in terms of not only time, but also money and resources.
Security Perfectly fits the in-house security requirements, software, and hardware needs. It may not be compatible with in-house security requirements or user’s hardware. That means you may need to ask the vendor to add some functions. And that means added costs.
Price You need to pay a flat fee, regardless of the number of patients or users logged in. You may have to pay for upgrades, different licenses, support services, etc. The final cost of the EHR software may be higher than expected.

Healthcare organizations for behavioral health & human services can run way more efficiently with customized EHR software solution.


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